Our Mission

Green Manta Consulting was founded in June 2018 as part of a vision to create a company that benefited both our clients and the planet.
Our experience has taught us that technology can help companies make better decisions in order to become safer and more sustainable – both environmentally and financially.

Teamwork is key for success so we place great value on collaborative work. We’re keen on sharing our expertise and providing crucial insight on projects we’re involved in.
The Green Manta Consulting team provides such services in a positive and supportive work environment; we know that a good work-life balance makes for more focused and dedicated team members.

Our Locations

Green Manta Consulting is a Washington LLC (Limited Liability Company). Its resources are based out of the West Coast, in Seattle (WA), however, we serve clients all across North America. Contact the Green Manta Consulting team and tell us about your projects and goals!

About Our Logo

Green Manta Consulting Logo

Our logo was inspired by the Manta Ray, a beautiful fish that can be found all over the globe.

These gentle giants use their pectoral fins in elegant wing-like movements to swim across oceans and seas. They evoke a sensation of peace and calmness in whomever has the chance to witness them (except for the plankton they feed on).

Every project presents its own challenges and issues, and that’s where we can smoothen the process for you: we utilize our experience to help you stay in control, and our expertise to help you make the best decisions for your software. Remember, we’re on the same team!

Green is the color associated with nature, harmony, safety, and environment. We wanted to include it in our logo, as a reminder of our mission.