Our partners

Bigtable is an experience-led digital consultancy, working with product innovation teams to take big ideas further.

Bigtable is a team of hybrid product and CX experts, partnering closely with organizations to deliver bottom-up solutions and meaningful human-centered experiences. Bigtable fills a gap in how most product teams build products, embedding lean UX and modern product discovery to create new opportunities and business impact.

Frostbyte Consulting offers cutting-edge EHS solutions to help businesses operate effectively in the complex and ever-evolving world of Environment, Health & Safety regulations.

Frostbyte operates globally and services a variety of industries, offering end-to-end EHS solutions covering everything from software selection and technology integration to sustainability and EHS management programs.

The Frostbyte team also has extensive experience in a wide variety of fields, including regulatory compliance, sustainability, information technology, software development and training.

Their goal for any project is to save time, money and resources, while promoting safety, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring that clients are getting the most value from their technology.

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. is an international consulting firm with over 1,000 staff that offers an integrated mix of technical disciplines to deliver EHS business and digital technology solutions to global organizations.

Langan provides data-driven insights and solutions to EHS compliance and information management challenges faced by their clients across a variety of market sectors including utilities, oil and gas, mining, transportation and logistics, life sciences, manufacturing, consumer products, and property management.

Langan’s national practice brings more than 25 years of experience to help clients reduce risk exposure, manage changing and complex regulations, limit liability, rein in operational costs, provide transparency, and produce quality products and results.

Laragon is an IT Consulting firm specialized in Environmental and Sustainability Management, Health & Safety, Risk Management & Compliance since 2006.
They use state of the art technologies to enhance critical business processes to support their clients´ Sustainability goals.

Laragon partners with world-class technology leaders in QEHS, ORM, Sustainability, IoT and AI to design, implement and deploy solutions across all industries.

Laragon’s services cover the complete life cycle of their clients’ projects, from the analysis of their requirements and the assessment of technologies, through the implementation and deployment of new systems, to comprehensive support and maintenance over time.

They offer expert systems integration and data analytics services, an integrated and flexible support model, and online training solutions using the most innovative eLearning tools.

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